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Skyrocket your Facebook Ads

Creating and managing a good social media advertising strategy requires time and understanding.

As a small or mid-size business owner, we know you already have your hands full just running your business, without now having to be a social media or advertising guru too!

In addition, bringing someone in-house to do your social media can be costly and often an unnecessary expense.

This is where Quest PPC can help.
Our Launchpad Offer will help you get your Facebook and Instagram Advertising up and running quickly and efficiently.


A campaign links to a specific objective you want to meet. Some examples of Facebook Campaigns are: Creating Brand Awareness, Driving Clicks to Website or a Facebook Page, Driving Leads or Driving Sales via an on-line store. You’ll choose one advertising objective for each of your campaigns.


Every Campaign that Quest PPC creates will always have 2 advert creatives. This allows us to test different images and messages to ensure our customers always get the highest return on investment.


Our Facebook advertising experts will be analysing campaigns on an ongoing basis to see if there are any optimisations that could be made to improve campaign performance. Optimisations are effectively changes to the Targeting options within the campaign and could include things like adjusting the age, location and gender targeting within a campaign.


Adverts can be targeted based on based on their location, age and gender but can also be done more precisely to people based on detailed demographics such as their educational background, financial situation (e.g. likely household income), their parental status and age of children, what industry they work in and a host of other lifestyle details.


Behaviours are activities that people do on and off of Facebook that help us to understand their device usage, purchase behaviours or intents, travel preferences and much more. Advertisers can target people based on these behaviours and the number of targeting options is extensive and very detailed. For example a car dealership could target Facebook users within 25 miles who own a specific brand of car, where the age of the car is, for example, 4-5 years old. The car dealership can even feature a picture of the new model, and direct users to a landing page to set up a test drive.


On Facebook, you can target people who have expressed an interest in or ‘like’ pages related to another page or topic. Interest may include things people share on their Timelines, Apps they use, Ads they click on, Pages they like and other activities on and off of Facebook and Instagram and there are thousands of interests for advertisers to target. For example, if you’re a yoga studio in Newcastle, you could target Facebook users based on interests that are more broad, like “Fitness and wellness” as well as very specific interests related to Yoga, like “Bikram Yoga”.


Have your Ads shown when users access Facebook via a Laptop or Desktop PC; Ads will be shown in the News Feed and right hand column. For Mobile, your Ads will show when people access their Facebook News Feed via a mobile device such as a Smartphone or Tablet; Ads will be shown in the mobile News Feed only.


Utilise your Facebook targeting options to have your Ads shown in Instagram News Feeds as well as on Facebook News Feeds. As at June 2016, Instagram has a reach of over 700 million monthly active users.


Reporting covers the vital data that can be reported from within Facebook Insights. Our reporting Dashboards give a good understanding of how campaigns are performing, including the number of people your advert has been shown to (the ‘reach’) and the number of actions taken such as ‘link clicks’. In addition, we can also show valuable post-click data from Google Analytics (where possible). To understand exactly what impact your campaigns are having you have to analyse what visitors are doing after they have landed on your website and most importantly, if they go on to complete a desired action whether that be to redeem a voucher, sign up to a newsletter, request a call back or purchase a product. Our advanced reporting will identify the true value of your Facebook advertising campaigns and helps our experts to refine campaigns further to get the best possible results for you. You have access to this data real-time, daily.

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If you’ve ever been over-promised and under-delivered by any investment you’ve made in social media advertising you really ought to try us to find out how Facebook advertising really works. Speak to one of our Small Business Social Media Advisors to see how you can maximise your investment and get your brand, product or service in front of your target audience.